Based on the SEEDS vision and mission in building effective partnerships that enhance the achievement of the United Nations’ sustainable development goals in educational and societal areas, SEEDS is always seeking for your investment and your high values that will add to our family. We need to reach equality among members of society and build a knowledge-based economy with new jobs, and youth opportunities together.

Who is our partner?

The entity or the individual who contributes with us in achieving governmental and global strategic and institutional goals, able to contribute with us in achieving the sustainable development goals approved by the United Nations in cities. His history of quality in the service based on reviews and evidence within the community service will support us in ensuring high quality in teaching and learning, human and institutional development, for a happy and active environment within the fraternity and tolerance values

Domains of the partnership

Talent management

Social awareness


Health and safety

SDG goals

Future Jobs

Empowering youth and families


Social and Cultural identity


Main Objectives of partnership and key Indicators

Entities we have served

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