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Dr. Hind Abou Nasr Kassir


SEEDS Founder & CEO / Managing Director
Education Consultant & Expert Trainer


Senior educationist, Curriculum Expert and an International certified assessor by NAYEC for early childhood teachers having over 19 years of experience in government curriculum designing, project management based on blended learning and digitalized content evaluation, and class observation, inspection and reporting based on government and non-government standards . Skilled in various aspects of assessments: formative and summative, Standardized – based assessment and large scales of measurement building and analysing (TIMSS, PISA, PIRLS) and Standards analysis and alignment with other curriculum. Well versed in defining curriculum specifications in local and global context aligned with the local and global requirements and the national standards, 21st Century skills and StrEaM revolution policy. Classroom inspection and evaluation using standardized tool from UNESCO & NSTA. Published The Effectiveness of the Science – Inquiry Teaching Approach On the Students’ Achievement and Engagement in the UAE Public Schools.

Distinguished as the UNGSII Key speaker for youth empowerment in Espoo (Finland) and Vatican (Rome).  

Mr. Chuck Vollmer

Senior Business Startup Expert

Mr. Vollmer is the author and founder of Jobenomics (, which deals with mass-producing startup businesses and jobs with an emphasis on minorities, women, youth,veterans, and other hopefuls in underserved communities.

In 1996 to present, Mr. Vollmer founded VII Inc, a strategic planning, systems engineering, and investment capital firm, specializing in government and business initiatives. VII’s clients include major domestic and international government agencies and corporations. He is the author of the US Air Force’s VECTORS and Global Information Operations efforts, the National Guard’s VANGUARD campaign, and the Rapid Dominance concepts. 

Corporations include numerous Fortune 50 companies. VII also helps innovators and entrepreneurs start small businesses. VII Enterprise Solutions designed and maintained data networks for the US Passport Agency data centers.
From 1985 to 1991, he founded and was the Vice President/General Manager for General Dynamics’ new business and high-technology organization, called the Defense Initiatives Organization (DIO). The DIO started dozens of new enterprises, including a Nuclear Biological Chemical Reconnaissance System that was used extensively in Operation Desert Storm, a Strategic Defense Initiative (aka Star Wars) Division, and a Diamond Film Development company.

Dr. Atef Elshabrawy

Global Innovation and Development Finance Leader

Dr Atef Elshabrawy is a global innovation and development finance leader with more than 25 years of experience in shaping and managing of entrepreneurship, M&SME banking, Islamic finance, and social innovation ecosystem. His unique experience is based on his works for Government, Development Banks & Funds, Private firms, United Nations agencies and as Entrepreneur. He served as Economic Consultant at World Bank , CEO of Family Bank-Bahrain, Social Development advisor to Bahrain Government, General Manager at Bahrain Development Bank, Director at Egyptian Social Fund for development SFD, advisor to Centennial Fund in KSA, Senior Associate at AlMaali Islamic Finance Consultancy and Training-UAE, national team leader of Bahrain SDG’s reporting system and CEO-founder of

Dr Atef has a large affiliation within international development organizations, as he is currently the Vice-President of AAASME (All African Association for Small and Medium Enterprise) for North African, an International Board Member of World Startup Festival-USA, member the International Council for Small Business ICSB-USA technical committee. 

He had his Ph.D from L’institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine (INPL), France, a D.E.A from Ecole des Mines de Nancy, France on “Modeling of Risk” and a BSc. from Cairo University, Egypt. In addition, has several certificates in development, finance, innovation and strategic management from France, UK, USA, China.  

Dr Atef’s exceptional contribution was recognized by several awards like: prize of “Young Researchers”, 1995, AUGC, France for best PhD student and thesis, prize of Ministry of Interior “Community Partnership to Fighting youth Crime”, Bahrain, 2011, prize of Mohammed Bin Rashid Award for “Young Leaders” with Family Bank as the best bank serving SME’s in Arab world in 2013 and awarded by the “Social Innovation Leadership Awards, as Top 50 Most Impactful Social Innovators in the world”. In 2018 he was listed by ‘ISLAMICA 500’ among the 500 Who Make the Islamic Economy.

Dr Atef is currently Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at E-JUST, and WB-advisory to ministry of social solidarity, Egyptian government.

Prof. Jeannette Daccache

Doctor in Psychopathology and Psychoanalysis, Psychoanalyst, Author. Founder of SPIAL. International consultant. Global Partner

Professor assures teaching at the universities ; University Saint Joseph “USJ”, Holy Spirit University of Kaslik “USEK”, Lebanese University , department of psychology , mental health UL-Member of the scientific council at the USJ, member of the scientific committee at the Lebanese University  and researcher at the CRPMS; Center of Research of Psychoanalysis and Medicine and health of the University of Paris Descartes and Diderot; city of Paris .  Psychoanalyst, Member of the Foundation Europeans of psychoanalysis. She  has a long liberal practice in hospitals with child – adolescent and adults.
International consultant in basic psychopathology and psychoanalysis.
Author of several books and articles. Bibliotheque National of Paris. Founder of SPIAL.

Louis yaw Afful

ECOWAS business development

He’s a Trade practioner, with a strong private sector development skills. A member of the Technical working group on afcfta of Ghana ministry of trade and industry, was a member and a Rappoteur on private sector consultative team who worked on the cfta agreement now called African continental free trade. He has sound economic understanding currently , the executive director of afcfta policy network, the largest international free trade NGo focused on the implementation of the African continental free trade and Women of Africa Network
Louis was given a citation by the cfta unit of department of Trade and Industry of the African union for lead championing of afcfta, and also commended to have started the Afcfta international stakeholders made up of afcfta ,experts, chief Negotiators,ambassadors, etc…

Asuquo Udofia

Business Development Consultant, Trainer, Mentor, Licensed Counseling Psychologist.

A Certified Board Director, Business Development Consultant, Trainer, Mentor and a Licensed Counseling Psychologist with 20 years of professional experience in diverse industries with international exposure. He is known for provision of visionary / strategic leadership, business expansion strategies, digital transformation, disruptive innovation and administrative function at all levels. He is an expert leader in executive coaching, corporate governance in family business, succession planning for family business, professional business coaching, strategy for business growth and expansion.
He is the Managing Partner at Quality Trust Limited, the Coordinator of Jobenomics Ghana/ECOWAS, a Faculty Member at Daniel Institute and Living Word School of Ministry. He is strategically positioned based on his previous experience as CEO at QLS Global, Business Development,

Trade Services and Innovation Manager at Ocean Spring Company Limited, Regional Business Head at Reliance Telecommunication Limited among others.  He has a track record of achieving revenue and profitability quotas while establishing an environment and foundation for future sales growth. Skilled in leading sales, marketing, trade support, logistics, innovation, supply chain, channel development, branding, revenue expansion projects, managing turnarounds and building new businesses across diverse segments. He has established a reputation as a transformational leader who is driven by challenge, undeterred by obstacles, and committed to furthering standards of excellence.

He is a Member of Chartered Institute of Marketing of Ghana, National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria, Ghana Psychological Association among many other professional associations.  His earlier qualifications include Master of Business Administration, Master of Science Biochemistry Master of Art, Guidance and Counseling among others.

His area of interest in psychology includes Family / Couple therapy, Love and Relationship Counseling, Pre-marital Counseling, and Anger / Anxiety Management.

Asuquo Udofia is driven by a vision to create a better everyday life experience for people and businesses globally. He is passionate about business most especially connecting people and business for success.

Dr. Tareq Rasheed

International Consultant & Trainer

International Consultant & Trainer and Management & Business Development Partner.
Expert trainer in the main institutes of the United Nations (ITC; UNITAR; GYLA). Academic lecturer in Faculty of Engineering and with faculties for professional diplomas on local and international level.
Author, consultant, and expert in Family Flavors Magazine, and member of Britannica Encyclopedia.
Keynote Speaker in Local, Regional, and International Conferences, TV and Radio interviews with several channels in the Arab World in different topics , TV talks and on line training courses with,

Certified Coach (Business and Life Coach)

Nina Abou Atme

Accredited Certified Trainer in Start up companies

Business leader with executive and operation experience in international markets for more than 17 years in Lebanon, Egypt, France and Canada. I manage strategy formulation and implementation, establishing performance management frameworks, change management, continuous improvement, leading teams, developing and implementing new business strategies, training teams for constant growth and great networking skills.

 Creating an entrepreneurial mindset, being creative and problem solver with a sense of leadership, offering innovative solutions, implementing processes to minimize risk and maximize performance and profits.

Amal Assaad

Business Management Lecturer and Consultant Accredited Trainer Internationally

Charismatic and energetic academic professional and training expert.  With more than 14 years of rich experience in university lecturing, management and personal development training. Her outgoing and dynamic positive personality helps participants obtain the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in a fast-paced setting. Amal is known to be highly creative and skilled in developing key points of information to a diverse group.
Amal conducted many workshops and training programs in more than 16 governmental organizations in United Arab Emirates. She delivered lots of courses in areas including leadership, Change Management, Customer Service Seven stars, Emotional Intelligence, Organizational Happiness and Personal development.

Earlier, Amal hold the position of head of “The Financial and Business Administration Department “in University of Sharjah, Community College. During that time she showed exceptional course design skills as per accreditation and international standards. Amal made great contribution in developing the new curricula of the Business Administration Program and contributed actively in preparing the Business Department’s Application for accreditation according to the standards of the “Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research”.

Georgina Assaad

People Culture Expert

Georgina is a People Culture Consultant.  She brings with her an International & Multinational background which in the last fifteen years has been concentrated on delivering Human Resources solutions in the Gulf Area.
She believes that people should doing things with full of passion in order to successes, deliver and achieve things in a different way.
Her passion leads her to provide HR solutions for different clients by helping them build up a healthy HR environment through considering the organization culture as a main factor for any progress and success.
As HR professionals she has wide energetic experience leading HR initiatives including policy and procedure scheme, compensation and benefits, performance management, leadership development, SAP and Oracle implementations, HR workflow progress, training and development, ethics and compliance diversity, employee relations, employee development and emotional skills.

She has a passion for delivering Strategic HR to businesses to get the best from their people.  Main focus for her is to work on people to get out the best of them and to lead them to discover their passion, analyze their interest, and focus on their weaknesses to convert them to strength.
Examples of work Georgina has managed include:
– Identification and development of talent
– Build up HR Team and Identify the HR Model
– Strategic HR approach

Dr. Ghide EL Khalil

Financial and research consultant

Dr. Ghide EL Khalil is SEEDS’ financial and research consultant. She is an expert in corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, client satisfaction and statistical modeling and analysis with a focus on Structural Equation Modeling.
Dr. El Khalil has earlier served on several strategic delegations: board member of a French school, member of the Governing Council and the Steering Committee of FinCoNet, an international standard setter of supervisory authorities and a national coordinator in the International Network for Financial Education (INFE).

As a previous regulator, Dr. EL Khalil worked for the Central Bank of Lebanon over 10 years. She directed the “approved person regime”, a capacity building program for employees in the financial sector. She supervised the accreditation procedures, train the trainers and content development. She cooperated with international organizations, policy makers and standard setters such as the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the World Bank, the FSB in addition to US Federal Reserve Board and UK FSA/FCA. 
Earlier, in MAA DATA Statistical Consulting Center, she participated in conducting socio-economic development researches and studies with international organizations such as the UNDP and IFAD. She also conducted induction and continuous training for field researchers.

Cécile Biscaglia 

Fashion Expert

Cécile Biscaglia is fashion designer and pattern maker graduated from ESMOD. From a very young age she developed a deep passion for Art and step by step got attracted by the Art of dressing (and dressing up).
She decided to get her specialization as costume designer.
Cécile is comfortable with using various art equipment to translate her visions and thoughts to wonderful fashion illustrations.
Standing with a great passion for costumes and their ability to transform humans into imaginary beings and to give out life by playing with colors and prints.

She feeds her passionate soul by discovering unique results from experimenting, manipulating and testing fabrics.
For her graduation show, she made up a complete new show and presented the costumes collection in which each look represents an element from the story. Her work got published in The National and Grazia Middle East.
She keeps inspiring her creativity by different kind of entertaining shows and circus; Always curious about where her passion and dreams will lead her to.

And Global Specialists & Experts

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