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SEEDS Arab Model

We follow the 4C’s Model in our services to empower the Arab Model and more specifically the UAE cultural identity through knowledge- based Model in the content, facts based Model for youth empowerment and professional practice- based Model for future jobs under the Sustainable development goals of the United nations

Our 4C's Services Model

1 - Coaching

— Life and Business 
— Ethics
— Tolerance
— Well-being of Parents & Teachers
— Talents Identification
— Talents Framing
— Talent Development (TD)

2 - Counseling

— Career
— Educational
— Psychological
— Talent Investment

3- Consultation

— Business Development
— Management & Human Resources
— Leadership Empowerment
— Performance Management Systems (PMS)

4- Change

— Managing Projects
— Initiatives for Transformation
— Curriculum Design
— Teaching & Learning
— Artificial Intelligence
— Shifting Through Industrial Eras

Process of Implementation: 8 T_ Plan of Action

“From spoon feeding towards sharing”
Educational model that aims to achieve partnership of all parties in education; leaders,
supervisors, teachers, parents and students.

“Know the one within, and decide your life options”
Assessment model for skills, characteristics, personalities, and leadership style that aims to
help individuals to enhance self awareness, know the gaps, and help to bridge and develop

“From knowledge to skills: Build your life skills”
Training model to combine knowledge, skills, and attitudes to shape the best personalities
for life success.

“Employability and market entry”
Recruitment model to help candidates to find the best job opportunities that fits their
competencies. Model based on strategic partnership between universities and organizations

“Do not wait for leaders, be one”
Empowerment model to provide individuals in business with all skills, and tools to define,
develop, and invest their leadership style

“Learn the secrets of success”
The model of uncovering the hidden secrets of success in all life aspects; relations,
attitudes, health, money, and most importantly self-development

“We learn from failures”
The model of learning and sharing to help sustain success through repetition, addition, and

“To be seen as the only one of your kind”
The marketing model to help put you and what your unique selling point (USP) to the whole
world through a wide range of social media tools and strategies.

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