TA’HEEL is a development programs to invest in the most important resource for a sustainable development which is the human resource when trained effectively will help in achieving sustainable development reinforced with a value-based system on culture and spiritual concepts. Where the real development are those that achieve prosperity and well-being of all societies taking advantage of the natural resources and leading to the development of physical capital
and economic prosperity. Many organizations and international experiences have failed to achieve sustainable success mainly due to failure of values rather than technical or managerial failures.


To Help the individuals from all segments of society in their excellence and continuous development through the provision of empowerment techniques and strategies in consultation and training services to help organizations and individuals goals efficiently and effectively in a culture of values that shape attitudes and operations.

TA’HEEL Components:

program consists of a series of projects targeting several groups to help them in achieving sustainable development. These programs include:

 1. JADARAT Project for university students , entry and exit levels (ages 18-22)
 2. MAHARAT-52 (52-Skills Project) for young people (ages 18-35)
 3. REYADAH (Leadership Project) for young entrepreneurs (ages 14-30)
 4. REYADYAT (Empowerment Project) to empower women (ages 18-40)
 5. PRO-MAHARAT (Pro-Skills Project) for employees and employers (ages 30- 60)